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A Keyboard

  • 3x4 (4x3) "12Key" Layout
  • Slide-Up Gestures -You can enter numbers and alternative symbols by sliding up.
  • Auto Correct - When you press space the most suggested word will replace your input (not default)
  • T.R. Keys - Programmable Top Row keys. You can add a dedicated numbers row using (Requires Pack 1)
  • Import words, Learns from your sms and adds the data to your dictionary.
  • Sounds on key press, First seen here on "A Keyboard"
  • Add word during input.
  • Prediction languages 40+ currently supported within the beta.
  • Scroll keys - Memory Keys.
  • Mixed language prediction - You can have multiple languages active at once.
  • Multiple Themes available


Warning! This game is simple, but it is very Addictive.

This is one to watch for 2014.

-Game instructions- Swipe to move the tiles,
when two tiles with the same number touch, they merge into one.
Example: 2+2=4 ... 4+4=8 ...
When a 2048 tile is created, the player wins.
But this sounds easier than it is.

A Picture Editor

    A Picture Editor Is photo editing tool that is used to make sharing your pictures and custom images to your friends easy! It is made for simple editing each edit would take around 1 minutes. You can easily add effects to your photos, edit brightness, contrast, colour and many more.

    This Application enables you to take photos and import them straight to editor. The Application has a convenient photo gallery where you can manage all your photos you can even set them as your phones wall paper .

Brightness Battery Widget

    This app automatically reduces the consumption on battery by managing functions that would normally drain your battery.
Key functions

  • Widget that shows current battery and screen brightness status - this helps to save your battery power and drains less Energy.
  • When you click on widget lamp icon you will toggle through three options: maximum, minimum and auto brightness - regulate your brightness easily, In turn save power and shield your battery from drainage in an easy way using this widget.
  • When you click on the battery widget icon you will be directed to configure screen, where you can set auto brightness and choose skin, shield your battery life from drainage and save more power thanks A Battery shield.
  • 20 different skins!
  • Adjust brightness depending on battery status,
  • One brightness level button always on screen brightness,
  • Support of multiple widgets,
  • Charging indicator,

    • Get and Activate your A Battery Shield Today